3-440 Shin-Matsudo, Matsudo-city, Chiba



Overview of the Department

Japan International Institute of Cybernetics(NKK) welcomed our first international students in 1997. Since then, many students graduated from our school. Currently, NKK has approximately 700 students from more than 15 countries. NKK supports each student to make their dreams come true.

2 Major features of NKK

1Authorized as a “Proper Educational Institute” approved by Immigration

As we are authorized as a “Proper Educational Institute” approved by Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau, we have previlege of documentation reduction.

2Go up to our vocational course

After completing MIC Japanese Language Department, students can go up to MIC Vocational Course throuth entrance examinations. In MIC Vocational Course, students learn comprehensive business skills that aim to get a job and be active in a society. This course qualifies students for transferring to a university or taking entrance examinations for graduate schools.

Other Features

●Well known 20 year-teaching and career support Know-how.
●Small classes by authorized Japanese native teachers.
●Maximum 18 classes in each grade, which divided according to student ability.
●Specialized staff offer instruction in everyday life.