3-440 Shin-Matsudo, Matsudo-city, Chiba

Q&A Question and Answer


About the school

What time are the class hours?

We have morning class and afternoon class on the weekdays. Morning class starts at 9:00AM and finishes at 12:30PM. Afternoon class starts at 13:30PM and finishes at 17:00PM.

Can I choose the class hours (morning class or aftenoon class, etc)?

Your classes will be determined by your Japanese skill level, so unfortunately you cannot choose your class hours.

How long will I study at your school for?

April term is maximum 2 years. October term is one year and six months.

Do you have any school events?

We have many events. We typically hold the following; The entrance ceremony, excursion trips, cultural festivals, yukata walking, cosplay experience, sports competitions, Japanese traditional calligraphy (kakizome), bean throwing festival (setsubun), graduation trip, the graduation ceremony etc…and there are many more Japanese events you can experience with us.

Can I study without a student VISA?

If you are already have a VISA which allows you to stay in Japan you should have no issue studying at our school. Please ask for further information.

About lifestyle

Can I buy a school commuter pass?

Yes you can buy a school commuter pass because we are an incorporated educational institution.

If I need to go to the hospital can I receive any support or assistance?

The school will refund the medical expenses paid to the hospital according to our own sympathy system. (There are items that are not applicable such as chronic illness, treatment of teeth, etc. For details please ask staff.)

Do I have to stay at the school dormitory?

It’s your decision. If you want to make other arrangements we can accommodate that.

Can you introduce me to a part-time job?

There is a staff member in charge of part-time jobs and I will introduce you after determning your future ambitions and Japanese language ability. You will also have the opportunity to practice for Japanese interviews.